26th - 31st October 2019

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26th - 31st October 2019



1What is Hallowtween, what can I expect?

New for 2019 we are offering children aged 10-15, and adults of a more nervous disposition, the chance to get a taste of the award-winning Hallowscream at our new Hallowtween event. Three of the Hallowscream Haunted House attractions will be open: Barnageddon 3D, Corney’s Cornevil (New for 2019) and The Singularity (New for 2019). These are still scare attractions and won’t appeal to everyone but without the live actors they offer a milder level of scare (see age advice information below). There will also be illusionists performing death-defying acts on stage, music, side shows, Halloween characters (a little more friendly than the Hallowscream lot!), hot food and more.

2Opening times

Open 2pm – 5.00pm (last admission 3.30pm), every afternoon from Sat 26 Oct - to Thurs 31st Oct 2019.

To stagger arrival times tickets are sold in three Intake Periods: 2.00pm-2.30pm, 2.30pm-3.00pm, 3.00pm-3.30pm, please ensure you arrive during the Intake Period show on your ticket. Once on site you can stay as long as you wish. Last entry to Hallowtween is at 3.30pm, Haunted Houses close at 5.00pm, site closes at 5.30pm.

3How do we get Tickets?

Tickets must be bought online from this website! There are a limited number of tickets for each Intake Period, you are strongly advised to book tickets early to get the date and Intake Period you want. Subject to availability tickets can be bought online on the day of your visit.

4How much does it cost?

Tickets cost £12.50 per person (adult or child). Your ticket allows you to go through each of the three haunted house attraction one time only. There are also carnival side shows and waltzers which cost a small extra fee once inside - and of course food and drink!

5Is there an age restriction? Can young children attend?

HallowTween is aimed at children aged between 10-15. However different people react to scary things in different ways, you know your child, so although we have a recommended age range there is no set limit and we leave it to parental discretion to decide if it is appropriate for your child. Children under 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult over 18 at all times. This means you must accompany your children into the haunted houses. If this doesn't sound like you please arrange for another responsible adult over 18 to come with you. There must be a minimum of 1 adult per 8 children.

6HEALTH WARNINGS - What if I have a medical condition?

The houses are quite intense. We use strobe lighting in many places. There are narrow corridors to get through. You may need to bend right over, and even crawl in places. The ground conditions can be rough and slippy. Loud noises and strong blasts of air are used within the houses. Because of this we don’t feel it is suitable for people with the following conditions: Heart issues. Pregnancy. Epilepsy. Panic attacks. Mobility issues.

7How long will it take?

We recommend that you allow at least one and half hours for your visit to allow time for queuing and to go through all three attractions, get a bite to eat and drink and enjoy the atmosphere of the event!

8What should we wear?

HallowTween is held in a mixture of old farm buildings, marquees and other structures.  Most of the event is under cover however if the weather is wet a waterproof coat may be advised. You may also get little wet inside some of the houses! The ground can be uneven and rough in places, so please wear suitable footwear. We would suggest that you dress as if going on a walk in the countryside. There is no heating in any of the buildings, so wrap up warm if its cold!!

9Can we dress up?

Of course, why not get into the spirit of Halloween by dressing up, lots of visitors do. Please note that you may be asked to remove full face masks. No weapons or replica weapons of any kind are allowed.

10What if it rains?

York Maze HallowTween takes place whatever the weather. The Central Entertainment Zone with its street food, side shows and entertainment is housed under giant marquees. The haunted house attractions are indoors and queuing is under cover. However there are some areas of HallowTween where you will be outdoors.

11How far is it from York?

York Maze is about 7 miles from the centre of York. A taxi from the centre will be about £14 - £16. Please see the “Find Us” page of this website for more information.

12Disabled Access

We are sorry but we feel that this event is not suitable for people with mobility issues. Most of the attractions have tight twisting corridors, steps, steep ramps and low ceilings in places.


We have a large car park as well as an overflow car park and it is FREE of charge.

14Why are you not opening for your daytime Halloween event like in previous years ??

Unfortunately we are having problems with perennial weeds in the maze, as we have been growing maize in the same field for over 10 years now. 

The only way to deal with this is to harvest the maze as soon as we close, in September and spray and cultivate the weeds whilst they are still actively growing. If we do not take action now the maze will eventually become smothered!! 

Unfortunately this means that we wouldn’t have the mazes open at Halloween, and we don’t feel York maze is York maze without it’s maize mazes!?! 

Rather than not opening at all, we thought it would be fun to open up our award winning event “Hallowscream” to a younger audience by toning down the scare factor. Hallowtween is our new Halloween event aimed at families with kids between the age of 10 and 15. Scream you soon!! 

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